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About us and this Program

Eagles Nest Theatre (ENT) was founded in 2006 and from its home in Brunswick has quickly developed an enviable reputation by delivering high quality performances in both high schools and theatres. Our pursuit of excellence has seen ENT work tour internationally including London, Paris and New York. Our training and education programs have seen us develop partnerships with international organisations such as Shakespeare’s The Globe Theatre project.

Eagle’s Nest Theatre provides Theatre-In-Education experiences primarily based on texts in the VCE English/ English as an Additional Language, and Literature syllabi. Our various programs are aimed at supporting students to achieve the outcomes of the English/EAL, Literature and Drama VCE Study Designs. We specifically focus on engaging students directly with the text, in a discourse that helps them to develop the skills and techniques to create meaningful and insightful written responses.

Our approach is to keep the style and language of the workshops informal and accessible, so that all students are included and can gain the benefits. This way, we influence students to realise that they have something profound to say, on their own terms.

Our programs are shaped by our client schools’ needs. This includes an annual consultation period to explore in depth the various objectives that teachers use Theatre-In -Education to achieve; to better understand the variety of programs that they use; and to assess their experiences of the success of these strategies. We pride ourselves on having forged an ongoing dialogue with teachers, and the success we have achieved is very closely linked with us being able to match your needs. Each year our work is seen by thousands of students in over a hundred schools throughout Victoria. Our Theatre-In- Education programs have been so successful in Australia that we are now assisting organisations around the world to establish similar programs.

Texts and Program Types we Offer

Facilitated by one of our Artistic directors, a team of professional actors present key scenes from texts tailored to enhance your current studies. Our team will invoke questions about the text and facilitate open discussion between creatives, students and teachers. Where possible students will have the option to partake in the performance alongside our cast of actors, reading major dialogue under the guidance of our experienced staff.

VCE: Year 12 English
Text List: Reading and creating text

  • Medea
  • No Sugar
  • Measure for Measure

VCE: Workshop Year 12 English
Text List: Reading and creating text

  • Black Diggers
  • The Penelopiad
  • Bombshells
  • ​The Crucible

VCE: Introducing Shakespeare
Years 7-11

  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Macbeth

VCE: Workshop
Literary texts and other popular stuff

  • Twelve Angry Men

Other Popular Texts

  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
  • A Doll’s House
  • Twelfth Night
  • Cosi
  • Julius Caesar
  • The Taming of the Shrew
  • A Streetcar Named Desire

Standard Programs

(SPSW)​ COMPREHENSIVE WORKSHOP (short performance plus workshop)

Offering imaginative short performances of Romeo and Juliet, and Macbeth and Medea followed by facilitated discussion between students and performers, these workshops give students the opportunity to gain direct access to creative sta  while their respective performance experience is still fresh. Students are encouraged to explore scenes that caught their attention, critique scenes that caught them by surprise, and to see scenes replayed in di erent styles in order to help them to follow their intuitions on text interpretation. Our skilled facilitators guide the students on how to formulate their intuitions in to core ideas for essays. Students gain insight in to the actor’s interpretive process in order to enhance their own internal process.

Cost $11 – $14 per student.

Availability All year round for:

Romeo & Juliet


Our workshops can be created for almost any theatrical text on request. Professional actors perform readings of key scenes followed by discussion facilitated by one of the ENT core artistic team. Initial readings look at key characters, themes and contexts, where appropriate. The unique aspect of our workshops is the focus on how actors interpret text in rehearsal and techniques for breaking down, analysing and writing about a text. For schools who wish to engage their students in a more in-depth discussion of the text with our creatives, our comprehensive workshops o er students time to engage in a considered way. Key scenes are explored together, and student’s questions, thoughts,
interpretations, and critiques are discussed and where possible incorporated in to re-reads of some scenes. Our comprehensive workshops are a great way to enhance the class room discussion of texts. In the last 12 months, workshops have become our most popular program, with teachers reporting excellent results from students.​

Cost $11 – $16 per student.

Availability All year round for any text

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Additional Programs


These programs provide a time e ective way to introduce students to live performances of Romeo and Juliet, and Macbeth and Medea. The performances give students an overview of the main narrative and key relationships of each text within a quality theatrical production. Short performances are usually run together with a Short Workshop program.

Cost $9 – $13 per student.

Availability All year round for:

Romeo & Juliet


Our short workshops o er the same format as our comprehensive workshops, in a more compressed format. These can also be created for almost any theatrical text on request. Our short workshops are for schools who wish to o er their students in an introductory discussion of the text with our creatives, key scenes explored together, introducing students to how actors interpret text in rehearsal and techniques for breaking down, analysing and writing about a text and students where possible incorporated in to re-reads of some scenes students being introduced to material great way to enhance their independent learning and class room discussion.

Cost $9 – $13 per student.

Availability All year round for any text

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We are always seeking to improve the programs we have on offer and your feedback is an integral part of this process. Please complete the forms below to let us know your thoughts!

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Our Partners


Eagle’s Nest Theatre acknowledges the support of the Department of Education and Training through the Strategic Partnerships Program. The Victorian Government’s goal is to achieve world-leading educational performance over the next ten years. The vision is that every Victorian thrives, learns and grows to enjoy a productive, rewarding and fulfilling life, while contributing to their local and global communities.
From 2015 ENT will be funded through the Strategic Partnerships Program with the goals of bringing our program to a wider audience as well as ensuring that the program can run sustainably into the future. In pursuit of this goal the DEECD Strategic Partnerships Program (SPP) provides funding to not-for-profit organisations to deliver programs to improve student achievement, engagement, health and wellbeing and/or teacher capacity.


​A fun and imaginative journey that allows each child to grow and develop confidence in their social and creative potential.

Wonderland clip:

Wonderland – Interactive Storytelling is a new literacy program we are about to
launch in Australia for Early Years, Prep and Grade 1 students.

As the name suggests it is interactive storytelling and is a lovely mix of drama, art and literacy.

For more details please contact us or visit our website.
You can also download a free sample of the first booklet that will be released and ready for the 2017 School Year.

Contact: hello@wonderlandinteractive.com