MACBETH 2019 by William Shakespeare


When an evil person gets what’s coming to them there is no tragedy. In production focuses on the humanity and normality of having desires and ambitions and naively taking a wrong step only to find ourselves embroiled in consequences beyond our worst imagining. We focus on the journey of a loving couple, who want the other to achieve their desires, but ultimately destroy everything they care about, themselves, and each other. 


Students are guided to critique the performance, ask questions and delve deeper into interperative practice by looking at the couple’s relationship and other monologues as time permits. For example, the scene between Macbeth and “His Wife” before Duncan is murdered is used to explore readings involving gender, manipulation and power. The “unsex me here” monologue continues the discourse about gender and frailty as well as introducing the role of the supernatural. And last but not least, using the “two truths are told” monologue we ask students to look at ambition and desires from a practical, contemporary, point of view.  

“Let not light see my black and deep desires”


Short performance only $9 (minimum total fee $900)
Short performance + workshop $11 (minimum total fee $1100)

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