EXTINCTION 2019 by Hannie Rayson

A seemingly simple story about the saving the tiger quoll from extinction contains a complex critique of ‘heroes vs villains’ narratives, highlighting their lack of suitability for the modern world. 

If we take the word extinction to mean the end of something then this play deals with a wide variety of possibly interrelated extinctions.  The extinction of the Tiger Quoll, the impending threat of Global warming and the extinction of the human race, the extinction of the idea of monogamous heterosexual life partnerships as the only right way love, the extinction of didactic moral concepts of good and evil: These are just some of the changing concepts that this play subtly mines. 

This workshop will provoke questions and give young audiences the tools to explore individual answers to the play and how to tackle the next phase of life on this planet. 

Perhaps extinction is just part of the cycle of life


$16 per student (minimum total fee $1600)

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