THE WOMEN OF TROY by Euripides

A full production of this play is being considered for 2019 – schools that register now will be given the first opportunity to purchase tickets.

In the absence of naturalistic dialogue and scene settings, the cathartic release of trauma becomes the “story” of Greek drama. To give the women of Troy a voice they must be witnessed and heard rather than read. 

Behind men’s glorious tales of victories at war hide the screams of the losers, the vulnerable children, and the women from whose bodies the price is extracted. This play is a brutal reminder that today’s winners will be dashed on the rocks of tomorrow. 

Our world remains plagued by violence against women. This injustice lies festering in all our subconscious minds. Is the brutality and cathartic power of the ‘Women of Troy’ what it might take to bring it to the surface? Can we see our ancient origin in this play? Workshops will use key scenes to explore the themes of war and violence against women in the past and present. 

The mortal who sacks fallen cities is a fool, his own turn must come


$16 per student (minimum total fee $1600)

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