THE CRUCIBLE 2019 by Arthur Miller

(Studied in comparison to Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks)

Both of these texts give us a portrait of what happens behind the scenes in a small town gripped by hysteria and fear of infiltration by an invisible enemy. They explore phenomena of the “Witch Hunt”; superstition, mob violence, the venting of political and personal grudges and scapegoating (more often than not of women). When we think that Miller wrote The Crucible as a response to the metaphoric witch hunts of the 1950’s McCarthy trials in the USA it begs the question: “who are our perceived witches in today’s world?”

In The Crucible we investigate these questions using a variety of interpretations of the characters of Abigail, John and Elizabeth Proctor, and their relationships. Where The Crucible seems to attribute blame to the women and the hero’s journey is aligned with Proctors redemption comparison to the Year of Wonders offers insight to the power dynamics in play.

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