MEDEA 2019 by Euripides



The tale of Medea is dark and potent like a witches brew. It is so epically tragic that without seeing the text brought to life by performers, it is difficult to imagine it as a plausible reality. Our production uses an elegant minimalistic design as a meeting point between the world of the Greeks and our own.  This ensures that nothing distracts from the story of a woman’s rage when facing a world of misogyny and a battle that is fought at the cost of our innocence.


The performance we offer is obviously a feminist reading of both the character of Medea and the play. In the workshop key scenes are used to explore a range of other readings including ones that depict Medea or the folly of human emotion as the cause of the tragedy. Additionally, we investigate how the role of the chorus might be variously interpreted. 

Of all creatures that have life and will, we women are the most wretched


Short performance only $13 (minimum total fee $1300)
Short performance + workshop $16
(minimum total fee $1600)

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