THE SEVEN STAGES OF GRIEVING by Debra Mailman & Wesley Enoch

(Studied in comparison to The Longest Memory by Fred Daguiar)

The Seven Stages of Grieving is a pastiche of voices and performative styles. It is a dynamic and contemporary work of art incorporating aspects of traditional Western theatre and indigenous performance genres. It represents the common struggles of the diverse aboriginal, indigenous, first nations, blackfulla, and mob communities in their united battle to be seen, heard, recognised, and treated as equals.

The Longest Memory has stylistic similarities. It is a  multi-perspectival work including a range of literary styles. It deals with a narrative of oppressions which is much more familiar; the violence, abuse, and power dynamics of American slavery.

The Comparative reading of these two texts is profoundly insightful. It offers an opportunity to increase awareness of the brutality of Australian history and provides the foundation to understanding the almost incomprehensible expressions of pain in The Seven Stages of Grieving.

The workshop will involve performed readings from both texts, discussion with your students, and the sharing of personal insights from the the indigenous cast, which might otherwise be missed by non-indigenous audiences. 


$17 per student (minimum total fee $1,700)