MACBETH by William Shakespeare


When an evil person gets what’s coming to them there is no tragedy.This production focuses on the familiarity and banality of having desires and ambitions, and how when unchecked, they can lead to consequences beyond imagination. We focus on the journey of a loving couple, who each want the other to achieve their dreams, but ultimately destroy everything they care about; themselves, and each other.


Students are guided to critique the performance, ask questions and delve deeper into interpretive practice by looking at the couple’s relationship, and other monologues as time permits. The scene between Macbeth and “His Wife” before Duncan is murdered is used to explore gender, manipulation, and power. The “unsex me here” monologue continues the discussion about gender introducing ideas about frailty and the super- natural.The “two truths” monologue offers an opportunity to show their ambition in tangible, contemporary terms.

Hoppers Crossing Secondary College

Students were engaged with every minute and it has set us up for a great start to the unit.


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Short performance only



up to 100 students

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Short performance & Workshop

120 MINS


up to 100 students

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