1 Day Teachers Professional Development Workshop

In this one-day program teachers explore the four key frameworks of ideas, a range of mentor texts, and questions about writing style, context, audience, and purpose. Teachers will explore elements of the new List 2 syllabus through a series of practical creative exercises that can easily be transferred and implemented in the classroom. 

This program is guided by senior independent arts professionals. The team has  a variety of expertise in different creative areas and the art of responding in developing creating responses. These facilitators will guide teachers through the work so that they have an embodied lived experience to pass onto students. 



NB: Prices do not include gst

teachers professional development Workshop



PER person

1 – 3 Day Intensive Workshop

Writing creative responses is now part of life for every student in this state. These intensive workshops provide the opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the creative process, discover the joy of their individual voice and how to express it in writing. They are designed to give students a headstart on the skills they will need for the new year 12.

When we undertake an intensive with a school, planning the program together, including theme, source material, even picking the kind of arts practitioners who run your program is a big part of what’s on offer. 

In addition to deeper exploration of the key framework of ideas and creative response format, these programs permit time for skills development, small group work, individual mentoring and presentation of students’ work. 

These programs are resource intensive and we will only be able to offer them for ten schools in 2024. To give all schools a chance to be involved we require schools to submit an expression of interest by the end of October. Toward the end of term 4 we will begin approaching schools regarding intensives in 2024


NB: Prices do not include gst



$160 - 180


90 – 120 min Workshop

This workshop helps students to break the ice, actually put pen to paper and start writing individual responses to the themes of personal journeys, play, protest and country. 

The goal is for each student to generate a number of different quick responses and begin writing one longer piece. 

Workshops include facilitated discussion of 1 of the 4 key frameworks of ideas, presentation and analysis of the mentor texts, verbal group creative games, writing exercises, tools for developing pieces and presentation of creative responses from our team. 

Schools can choose to focus on all of the activities above or we can tailor the workshop to focus more intensively on one or more areas.

2024 90 -120 Minutes

NB: prices do not include gst

Short performance & Workshop



up to 100 students

Additional Students $18.00 each

Short performance & Workshop

120 MINS


up to 100 students

Additional Students $22.00 each