Terms and Conditions 2021


All programs are priced by cost per student, ranging from $9.50 to $17.00. All prices are ex GST.

We have a minimum booking of 100 students on all workshop incursion programs. There is no maximum booking number. Students in excess of the 100 are charged at the same per head cost. There is no minimum strident number for booking prerecorded content. 

If you have a small class and can’t afford the minimum booking number, we may be able to assist by pairing you up with another school or providing filmed content. 

Eagles Nest will endeavor to deliver all programs under the usual manner as laid down by the Government’s COVID-19 Guidelines. Should the live-delivery program you have booked not go ahead due to COVID-19 lock-down, or other COVID-19 restrictions then schools may substitute the live-delivery program for the online delivery option instead.  Alternatively, you can contact the schools’ coordinator to make other arrangements, such as moving the booking if possible. Regardless of delivery options, all standard Cancellation Terms and Conditions will still apply to the booking. 

For clients who are paying the full cost upfront; an invoice will be issued to you upon booking. The booking is finalised upon receipt of payment. Invoices are issued for a standard term of three weeks. In most cases schools need a little extra time to pay the invoice and if this is the case for you, please just email us and let us know.

On the day the program is delivered our onsite producer will check attendance numbers with you, and if the total attendance number is higher than originally booked, a member of staff will contact you to confirm the number is correct.  Any additional students who attended will simply be charged at a per head price and an additional invoice will be issued, once the number has been confirmed.

For clients wishing to use our traditional system of paying after delivery of the program then this option is still available.  We will no longer take a deposit payment, and instead we will ask you to sign a guarantee by selecting one of the 2 options below:

  1. A) Sign our `Terms & Conditions Agreement` and return it to us, or
  2. B) Ask your accounts department to generate a purchase order for the invoice and then send that order number to us. You may require a Quote for your accounts department to do this, and If this is the case please just let us know and we will forward that to you.

On the day of the program delivery our onsite producer will check final attendance numbers with you and a member of staff will contact you to confirm the number is correct.  Any additional students who attended will simply be charged at a per head price. Once the number is confirmed we will issue a final invoice, minus the deposit paid.

If the booking is cancelled by Eagles Nest Theatre:
a full refund of any money paid will be returned to the client.

If the booking is cancelled by the school:
If you cancel anytime up until 6 weeks prior to the program delivery
, you may be charged a $250 cancellation fee. If you have paid the full fee up-front, then the $250 cancellation fee may be retained from this payment and any difference will be returned to you.

If you find yourself in this situation, we suggest contacting the schools’ coordinator to see if you can move your booking to another date.

If you cancel 6 weeks prior to booking – Clients may be liable for 50% of the original agreed booking fee.

If you cancel 2 weeks prior – Schools may be liable for full costs of the original agreed booking fee (whether this be the minimal booking number or a higher attendance number, as originally agreed upon when booking was made). Should this situation occur, we suggest you contact our schools’ coordinator to see what other options may be available.