About Us


The new component of the VCE English/EAL syllabus, Writing about Protest, Play, Personal Journies or Country is a big change. Changes like this can often be daunting and a lot of work for both teachers and students. For our team of creatives and for us as an organisation this change is big but also filled with potential.

Over the years we have worked closely with teachers and schools to develop programs where students walk away with a lot more than simple understanding of the text. Our goal has always been to help students find their own personal understandings of the text being studied and ways for referencing the text to express their individual voices.

What is exciting is that creative writing is now a core part of the syllabus. Our creatives have spent their lives learning to find ways to express their individual voices through art and facilitating spaces in which others can do the same. Many of our team are even published authors and we see this change as a natural extension of the work we already do in schools.

It will take time to fully develop programs for the new syllabus. We are excited about returning to our roots and collaborating with teachers in this process. It’s big, it’s new and it’s exciting. We can’t wait to share our creative skills and see how we can use the collaborative format of our existing workshops to shape where this change in the syllabus takes us, and discover how it can best be used to serve the growth of young minds in ways not yet imagined.


What’s on in 2024

Eagles Nest has some big new ideas on the table for next year.

We have created three new programs for students and teachers tackling the Key Frameworks of Ideas. We are planning a public season of Oedipus and are also partnering with schools wanting to host performances of this and other shows. Last but not least of course our short performances, comprehensive workshops and tailor made workshops are all still available.

Our new List 2 programs are: a 90 – 120 min workshop to help students in year 12 start writing creative responses, a 1-3 day intensive for students at earlier year levels wanting to upskill in preparation for year 12, and a 1 day Teachers Professional Development seminar.

Our short performances and workshops program will feature Romeo and Juilet, Macbeth, Oedipus, The Crucible, 12 Angry Men and Medea.  Both the schools touring production of Oedipus and the main stage show will be directed by Dr Rob Reid. Part of our commitment to education is that we try to meet any request for a workshop on a text, play, novel, poem, film not listed, or a theme of your choosing.

We look forward to seeing what appeals to you from the offerings we have for 2024 and to any requests you might have.