Oedipus the King by Sophocles


“It’s about a guy who never listens to anybody and pays the price.”

This brand new staging of the classic Oedipus takes a fast and furious approach to the text.  Stripped back to the dramatic essence of the story, Oedipus is set in a contemporary corporate environment and works as a modern parable of being blind to the truth and ignoring advice from experts. The production is slick, fast paced, and ends with a classic moment of shock/horror. 

Adapted from the Robert Fagles translation and directed by Dr Robert Reid (writer of The Joy of Text and On the Production of Monsters at MTC).


“Good theatre is supposed to make you talk about it after.”

The workshop for Oedipus encourages critical analysis of the actions and behaviours of the characters, particularly Oedipus, and considers the motivations for those actions.  Through direct engagement with the students, the workshop facilitator and actors guide a discussion of contemporary issues affected by similar behaviour in modern society and the importance of seeking advice before making decisions.

This conversation is conducted post performance with the students and can range across relatable topics such as global climate change, smoking and vaping, mask wearing during the pandemic and reconciliation.  The discussion can also explore the narrative and performance aspects of the production for a workshop more focused on literary and aesthetic appreciation.


We anticipate that we will be staging a season of Oedipus for the general public in 2024. This production will be a larger scale version of our school’s short performance. It will feature more ensemble chorus elements and a greater focus on design. 

As part of this project we are also partnering with schools who would be interested in hosting performances of our public season for their school community and the general public. We are already in discussion with 2 schools and have space for a few more. If your school would like the chance to be considered, get in touch asap.

OEDIPUS the king

NB: Prices do not include gst

short performance & Workshop

120 mins


up to 100 students

Additional Students $22 each