ROMEO AND JULIET 2019 by William Shakespeare


“I saw Shakespeare, it wasn’t hard and dont tell anyone but I may have even liked it.” This is the sort of thing we want to hear when students see this show. The dramatic style of this performance mirrors the narrative, creating an exciting ride for our young audiences. Initially they are drawn into reckless abandon, in a world of period costumes, playful sword fights and comedic characters, as Romeo and Juliet fall in love only to have the joy and frivolity fade as the tragedy sets in and we all fall together.


Students are guided to ask questions and talk about the performance; what they understood, what they liked or didn’t. We often hear the comment that Romeo and Juliet is a play about two dumb teenagers and lust. We explore this idea so students see how what seems to be an off-hand comment could form the basis of a valid reading. Then we challenge this idea by looking at different portrayals of the main characters that might make the love-at-first-sight narrative more appealing. Where time and the level of the group permits we also look at how creative choices can be used to explore essay prompts such as “Who is to blame?” and “Is love or hate the more powerful force?”

“O teach me how I should forget to think”


Short performance only $9 (minimum total fee $900)
Short performance + workshop $11 (minimum total fee $1100)

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