MEASURE FOR MEASURE 2019 by William Shakespeare


What happens when a stickler for law and order is left in charge? Set in Vienna, Measure for Measure sits uncomfortably in tragicomic territory. Does it poke fun at the superficiality of love, morality, power and corruption, or use comic façade, costumes and mistaken identities to investigate the darker nature of these concepts.

Viewed through the contemporary Australian lens of legislation on gay marriage one take on the play might be a satire about state involvement in people’s private sex lives.  This workshop balances thematic exploration with a look at a variety of comic forms.

If the law hath slept maybe we need to ask who was it in bed with? Is the law for the good of the people or are certain people using it for their own good?

The law hath not been dead, though it hath slept


 $16 per student (minimum total fee $1600)

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